Triangles and Peridot Earrings


“A triangle is a polygon with three edges and three vertices.  It is one of the basic shapes in geometry.”   – Wikipedia

It also makes a stunning earring


  • Hand formed, hammered and lightly textured triangle in silver wire
  • Longer, sloping kidney-shaped ear wires balance hard angles of the triangle base
  • Semiprecious, peridot dangles add both a soft touch of color, and movement to the earring
  • A rustic design: slightly off-center triangle and occluded peridots, because even the  geometry has its charm

Overall length approximately 2 1/4 inches, ear wires measure 1 inch in length,  triangle is 3/4 inch at its widest point

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Due to the fact that your product is handmade to order, the finished product may look slightly different than the product photo.