Stacked Labradorite & Garnet Long Earrings


A delicate design for captivating stones


  • The long and slender lines of the demurely curved Sterling ear wires lead to layered stacks of flat, square-cut labradorite beads
  • These chosen labradorite stones range in colors from deep to light grey, and at times will reflect in flashes of blues
  • Hand-wired garnet beads add a spike of color on opposing sides of the wire, and will hang at or just below the lobe, drawing the eye up and down the earring
  • Labradorite stones have been known in lore as protectors from negativity, while garnets provide energy and revitalization

Overall length approximately  2  1/4  inches.  Length of the ear wire  1 3/8 inches

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Due to the fact that your product is handmade to order, the finished product may look slightly different than the product photo.