Silver Drop Crystal Earrings


An elongated ear wire for an elegant earring


  • Constructed in silver, an updated look for the standard ear wire
  • The extended forward drop has a semi-hoop appearance, and gives a light Swarovski crystal dangle room to sparkle and swing
  • The Lightly hammered ear wire rests comfortably on the ear
  • An off-centered crystal diamond shape makes an unusual variation for the eye-catching crystal bead in a bold AB finish
  • A tiny, opaque aquamarine stone sits just above the crystal, along with a few seed beads in a silver finish

Overall length: approximately  1  1/4 inches from top of hook to base of the dangle,  ear wire measures  5/8  of an inch in length

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Due to the fact that your product is handmade to order, the finished product may look slightly different than the product photo.