Signature Lever-Back Scrolled Earrings


 “With the deft balance of a wielding warrior, and the grace of a dancer, she conquered the daunting day effortlessly.  A performance made seamless through routine repetition.  An artist of the modern day.”

Sleek. Powerful.  Dramatic.


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Signature Lever-Back Scrolled Earrings. For An all-in-one, easy to wear a stylish option when you’re on the go.  strength defines the design.

The Sterling silver Signature Lever-Back Scrolled Earrings offers an easy application with a secure fitting.  It has an up to date, slender profile unlike other bulky lever-backs so that the artistry of the earring is on display.  The thick Sterling Signature wrap makes for a dynamic connection from the lever-back to the dangle.   A hand-wired dangle is elegantly understated: one 3mm moonstone.  The simplicity of the dangle wonderfully contrasts the weight of the rest of the earring.  An interesting take on industrially-influenced jewelry.

The stunning Signature Lever-Back Scrolled Earrings. Worn beautifully by the modern artist in us all.

Overall length is 1 – 1/2 inches.  Width of lever-back is 3/8 inch.