Signature Sterling Hook Earrings with Peridot & Moonstone


“Gazing into the bright, wondering eyes before her, a tenderness shone through.  It was the deepest kind of love, the mother to a child.”

Sweet. Demure. Unforgettable.


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Irresistibly feminine, and light to the touch.

Stylish and playful, these Signature Sterling hook earrings with peridot and moonstone use a contrast of a rough metal finish, with sweet, soft tones in dangles.

To create these earrings, Sterling wire receives several applications.   Heating, wrapping, hammering, tumbling, antiquing and polishing, all by hand, takes time and patience.  The result is a beautifully-styled, distinctive Signature wrap design in a hook earring.

The dangle features with a 3mm opaque, faceted moonstone between two tiny,  2mm peridots.   Moonstone’s legend offers its soothing, calm energy.   Peridot is brings its properties yielding compassion, healing, and prosperity.  The strength of the metal, when paired with the subtle energy of the stones, makes for a darling pair of restorative earrings.

Overall length:  1 – 1/8 inches

Rubber ear nuts included are for packing only.