The Signature Collection

The Story of Signature

The Signature Collection represents strength, but it didn’t start out that way.

I was making a gemstone-linked necklace.  It was a pretty straightforward build:  one gemstone, linked to another gemstone, to create a chain.  Simple.  Each stone was secured in place with wire, first wrapped, then looped, to connect to the next stone, and so on.  It made for a lovely necklace, and the gemstones naturally starred in attention.

It was the craftsmanship in the meticulous wire work though, that made for the impressive strength of the necklace.  The simply elegant, closely-wound wire  deserved a spotlight of its own.  Now that would be a unique necklace! I went to work on a new piece, this time featuring the wire work, not the gemstones.

Through the process of perfecting the work, the more precise the wraps became, and the stronger the design held.  It held tight.  The attraction of the design was truly in the artistry of the wrap, and it’s fortitude.  This design was special.

Wear this jewelry as a reminder of your own strength.  A collection that will inspire to hold on,  to persevere, and to enhance your story, in your Signature.

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