How I Got Here – About

I’m thrilled that the lady who puts on my handmade jewelry knows she’s wearing a unique design worthy of Carrie Bradshaw. 

Before I created Lil Bird Design, I had ended a twenty year career working in the criminal justice system.  I was drained, but started a new chapter at home, focused on family.

Then one Christmas, I made some ornaments from an worn chandelier, and they looked pretty good!  That led to a love of creating beaded and wire jewelry, and soon friends and family were wearing some of the designs.

I had thought about starting a handmade jewelry business, but knew nothing about it.

Yet it was so satisfying to create an intricate design from a single strand of wire:  a hammered pair of Sterling earrings that gracefully highlight the curves of the neck, or the perfect sparkling jewelry for the bride on her wedding day.  An ornament that could melt the heart, just as it shines with sentiment.

I thought I’d be able to create the most breathtaking necklaces for the most stylish of women around!

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I had imagined.

I didn’t realize that handmade businesses were being so outpaced by cheaper, manufactured products, that “handcrafted” means investments in time and care, and that a home-based, online business is not such an easy task.   

But, there are my sweet customers who still appreciate the treasure of a one of a kind, or hand-formed piece of jewelry.   There are stellar people, like Renae Christine, to guide me through the challenges of an online business.  There’s my wonderful Husband, Leonard, for his unending strength and support.  And there’s my Son, Daniel, for whom this business was named when he was little, for the daily joy he brings, along with a hug and a cheer, when needed.

Through it all, Lil Bird has offered a variety of styles of jewelry, having now settled into a comfort zone with wire jewelry, and wire-wrapped gifts.  The response has been exciting and gratifying.  Just as enticing as imagining the next design, even if Carrie Bradshaw might be a little too busy.